Hi, I'm Kyran

A passionate creative showcasing the joys of his life through the content that he produces.

Hi ,I’m a twenty-year-old multimedia designer from South Africa.

Since the beginning, my passion for creation arose from the different experiences that have happened in life. Those ones that you will truly never forget. That’s why my work is continually based on experiences and focuses on capturing raw moments that happen.But most importantly I'm going to have fun with what I am producing.

My passion for creation started when I young. I was always trying to build something in the yard or scribbling on paper to try amuse myself. My passion for creation really came through when I chose to do visual arts in high school. At this stage in my life I had only consumed digital content and never really produced any content digitally. This was all to change when I was introduced to the Adobe Suite. Ever since the first day it's been a love hate relationship (It's mostly just the software crashing but it's very annoying). Ever since the first day I've been addicted to creating digital content which has resulted in me staying up late into the night (way past my bedtime at the time!). Through spending hours consuming content I have developed an obsession with lifestyle and candid photography, including action sports, as well as an unhealthy obsession with sunsets and sun flares!

As of recent,cinematography has been granted more and more of my interest. I love the immersive experience that video can give you, and I view them as invaluable “flashbacks”, allowing me to share and to relive snippets of your past experiences. have alook at my most resent video - Moments.

Feel free to view life through my lens and have a look at my portfolio, or follow my day-to-day on my Instagram!

My Skills

I am constantly trying to develope my skills in different areas of my field. I generally stick to digital media as it is what interest me but Im always looking at learnering new skills. So shoot me your idea and Ill give it my best try.

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