Hi, I'm Kyran!

I am a South African photographer, video/photo editor and filmmaker who has a passion for creating digital content. The focus of my creative work is adventure, lifestyle and sports content.

I am currently open for taking on new commissions, If you have any further inquiries or would like to hire me for photoshoots, editing your vidoes or have any general comments drop me an email below.

4 years of successful projects and counting.

My interest in digital content originally started when I picked up a camera during school, and have used it ever since. While working, I thrive on creative thinking and looking for solutions outside the box but most importantly I love to challenge, provoke and disrupt the world around me.

When I’m not thinking of planning or creating content I’m out sharing the stoke with my friends on the bike or exploring the outdoors trying to find the perfect sunset location (I’m still looking). So if you got any cool sunsets spots or just stoked on life and want to mission somewhere let me know!

Some fancy stuff

Awards & Honors





Runner Up - Landscape Category

Africa Photo Contest


Peer Voted - Rookie of the year

The Hardy Boys


1st - Xlab Think Tank



Bright Mind Award

IIE Vega


Let's get in touch

Hate contact forms? Say info@kyranaldworth.co.za.