Concept Design & animation

AXE Collisons


Designer & Animator


AXE - Uniliver

Turn - around

4 Weeks


The Axe collisions brief that we were tasked with during 3rd year brand challenge. As a group, we needed to explore new and novel fragrances that either related to two scents colliding,collisions in pop-culture or a co-branded collision between Axe and another brand to create three uniquley fresh South African scents for the local market.

Fiery Matured Freshness

All three scents have local inspiration within them, as well as a hint of fire and sizzle. The scents are for all aimed to be inclusive for all South African men, in the effort to inspire them to find their inner magic. The new aerosol cans are purposefully made taller to give them a more mature and premium feel. The designs found on the aerosols were inspired by local Shweshwe patterns. The three new scents that would be released: Fiery Fynbos x Seasalt, Roasted Coffee x Marula, Steamy Rooibos x Aloe Vera.


Overall the campaign was designed to reestablish Axe in the minds of their target audience as well as to serve as a disruption within the highly competitive deodorant industry within South Africa.